1. 5 Tips for Adjusting Your Child’s Sleep Schedule As School Starts Again

    It is not uncommon that a family’s sleep schedules will change when the kids are out of school each summer. Since their kiddos don’t have to get up super early, parents tend to get a little more lenient regarding what their child’s proper bedtime is. While this is fine when your kid doesn’t have to head to the classroom each morning, these changes in sleeping schedules can have a lasting i…Read More

  2. Does Your Child Need Help With Their Homework?

    As a parent, you want to be able to help your child any time they are struggling with something. While you may think the time to help your child with their homework won’t come until they enter elementary school, you may be wrong. Some schools assign homework as early as kindergarten. Which means your child could need help with homework as early as kindergarten as well. Regardless of when homewor…Read More

  3. Afterschool Care Can Increase Overall Learning

    For decades and more, parents have been trying to figure out the very best ways they can help their children to be the best and the brightest where their education is concerned. This is also why there have been so many studies conducted on this matter. Even researchers and scientists are beyond interested in what it takes for a child to rise above the average level of intelligence. The results of …Read More

  4. 10 Ways To Enhance Your Child’s Cognitive Development

    At First Class Child Development, we place a hefty emphasis on promoting cognitive development in every child who is enrolled in any of our classrooms. If you are not familiar with what cognitive development is, it is simply the way a child learns and acquires knowledge while interacting with their environment. As children age, they begin to gain different cognitive skills. However, participating …Read More

  5. How A Quality Day Care Can Benefit Your Child

    As much as you and every other parent on the planet would probably like to, you simply cannot stay at home with your child all day long. We know, it’s heartbreaking. However, once you are ready to get back to work it’s inevitable that you must find a childcare provider that you feel comfortable leaving your kid with. This is a very difficult choice for a large number of parents. Plain and simp…Read More

  6. Differences in Childcare Facilities & Home Day Care

    If you are unable to stay with your child throughout the day and are thinking of trying to find a good child care facility for them to attend, first off, let us just say “it’s okay.” We know the guilt that many parents experience when they have to leave their child in the care of someone else and it is completely normal. However, with that in mind, you need to make sure that you are comforta…Read More

  7. The 4 Learning Types & Which One Your Child Is

    Even though you are now a parent, we know you remember well what being a kid in school was like. Cramming for tests, reading multiple books at the same time and of course, struggling in subjects that were not exactly easy for you to understand. What you may not have known back then, however, is how your personal learning style was contributing to your ability to perform in certain subjects and in …Read More

  8. Selecting the Right Private School For Your Child

    We have given you plenty of reasons you should enroll your child in private school, but selecting the right private school can be a struggle. There are many things you have to take into account when you are trying to distinguish between the many different benefits that the schools in your area offer. We want to help! Below you can find a few helpful tips that can assist you in choosing a private s…Read More

  9. Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child in Private School

    When your child is getting to the age when they need to start their formal education then you may be taking many different types of schools into consideration. Before you spend a ton of time and energy looking into your many options, however, we would like to throw our opinion into the mix. If you want your child to receive the very best in formal education then your choice is simple: enroll your …Read More