We require that you sign your child in and out each day. Sign-In sheets are located near the door in your child’s classroom. We request that all children be in their classrooms by 8:30 a.m. Students in Kindergarten and Elementary classrooms are required to be in class by 8:30 a.m. Excessive tardiness or absences from class may result in unfulfilled requirements for mastery of the objectives for your child’s grade level, making promotion to the next level uncertain.

The parking spaces in front of the main entrance to our building are reserved for parents when dropping off or picking up their children. If these spaces are occupied, parking is available in the open spaces to the Clear Lake City Blvd. side of our building and behind the building parallel to the Forshey piano store.

We appreciate your being on time to pick up your child. After 6:30 p.m. a late fee of $5.00 for any part of each 15-minute interval is assessed. This policy is strictly enforced.


Your child will be released only to parents and persons for whom First Class Child Development has written authorization, and proper identification. Authorizations must be left with the front office and we ask that you notify the classrooms as well.


First Class Child Development Center has a teaching kitchen, which is used for cooking experiences for the children. As such, the children bring their lunches or have the option to purchase, for a nominal fee, catered hot lunches. Nutritious snacks such as seasonal fruits or vegetables, crackers or bread products are provided in the morning and the afternoon.

Younger children are encouraged to feed themselves as much as possible. All snacks are served family style, thus creating additional opportunities for children’s social and language development.


Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment where each child may develop his or her potential in all areas of growth and development. We use positive guidance including anticipation and elimination of potential problems, positive reinforcement, encouragement, and giving children choices. Redirecting children or changing the environment can address most inappropriate behavior. Our school guidelines are simple for easy application.

•Be Kind
•Be Safe
•Be Neat


First Class Child Development Center is closed on the following holidays:

•New Year’s Day
•Good Friday
•Memorial Day
•Independence Day
•Labor Day
•Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday
•Christmas Eve and Christmas Day*
*If a holiday falls on the weekend, First Class Child Development Center will be closed the following Monday.



Prescription medications must be in original containers labeled with your child’s name, date, dosage directions and physician’s name. Non-prescription medication must also be labeled with your child’s name. (Fever reducing medications will not be administered as they mask fever and can put others at risk of becoming ill as a result.) You are required to complete the Medicine Authorization Form located at the office when dispensing of medication is required by First Class Child Development Center’s staff. The Medicine Authorization Form can be completed for up to a one-week period; for the child’s safety, a new form must be filled out each week, if necessary. The administration personnel of First Class Child Development Center administer the medications.

For safety reasons, please do not leave any medications in your child’s bag or cubby. All non-refrigerated medication should be in the original container and left at the front desk. All medications requiring refrigeration will be kept in the refrigerator in a container labeled ‘Medicine’.


It is important that you inform the staff and the front office of any special food allergies or medical conditions your child has. This will assist us in being better prepared to handle any emergencies that may arise.


In order to maintain a healthy environment, we ask that you not bring your child to school if he/she is showing signs of illness. If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be contacted immediately and required to pick him/her up. You will be contacted if your child has any of the following symptoms:

•Temperature of 100.40 degrees
•Fine blisters possibly indicating chicken pox or other communicable disease
•Discharge from the eye or crusted eyelid, indicating the possibility of infectious pink eye
•Listless, lethargic behavior, lack of appetite, refusal to eat or drink, extreme irritability or clearly unusual behavior for that child that indicates the likelihood of oncoming illness
•Multiple atypical bowel movements that may indicate the possibility of infectious diarrhea
•Rashes that indicate the possibility of measles, scarlet fever or other communicable disease

While we understand the pressures of working parents, First Class Child Development Center does not have the facilities nor the staff necessary to care for mildly ill children. For the comfort of the child and the well being of everyone else, please make arrangements to have your child picked up from school within one hour after First Class Child Development Center staff has given notification.

Children who leave First Class Child Development Center due to illness or are absent due to illness, must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.


Although First Class Child Development Center has an extensive safety awareness program, along with routine inspections and regular maintenance of our building, playground and equipment, accidents can happen. Most accidents occur as the result of children being children: playing, running, testing their abilities and interactive skills. If such accidents occur that require medical attention, parents are contacted immediately.

Please keep the front office updated of changes in your business and home addresses and phone numbers, so you can easily be reached. If you or the other listed contact people cannot be reached, we will call the physician specified by you on your child’s Medical Release Form. In the event immediate professional medical attention is required, your child will be taken to the nearest licensed medical treatment facility or hospital.


It is our intent to build a partnership with parents to help them to provide the most suitable environment possible for children. It is important for parents to be aware that state law requires any and all incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect to be reported to the Texas Department of Children’s Protective Services. It is the responsibility of this agency to investigate each reported case.


At First Class Child Development Center, we strive to provide parents a relaxed environment where they feel comfortable communicating with staff and feel a part of the program we provide for their child. Children benefit most from a program if parents and staff communicate regularly in both conferences and informal daily conversation. By working together, we can respond to the individual needs of your child.

You are welcome at anytime to visit our school, speak with your child or your child’s teacher over the phone, participate in your child’s classroom, join us for field trips, and share your skills and talents with us.

We encourage you to feel a part of the school by getting involved with our parent programs. As a service to our parents, we publish a monthly newsletter that focuses on center activities and items of concern to our families relative to learning, health, nutrition, and parenting skills. In addition, First Class Child Development Center will offer parenting workshops and host special “family” events such as luncheons, music programs, and parties.

Informal items and notices of upcoming events are posted at the front doors to help keep you up-to-date on school happenings and items which may be of interest to you.

We want parents to feel relaxed in our environment and feel comfortable to communicate openly and freely with staff. You will be given many opportunities to become actively involved in our program. We want you to leave the school each morning feeling secure and confident with your selection of our school.

Contact us today for more information.