This environment is designed for the toddler who is speaking in simple sentences and capable of following simple direction. This age group begins drinking from a cup and exhibiting interest in toileting. Since the attention span of older toddlers is increasing, learning centers, such as dramatic play, blocks, art, library and table toys are introduced and children are free to choose their own areas of interest.

When the child and family are ready for toilet training, we work with consistent positive encouragement. Children are never scolded or shamed about toileting in their pants. In all areas, children are praised for their accomplishments and helped to feel competent and in control of themselves. Children of this age constantly test limits and express opposition to adults (“No”) as part of developing a healthy sense of self.

Supplies you need to bring: diapers, pull-ups, extra clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, and nap time lovey that will help your child feel comfortable. Please label all personal items with your child’s name.

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