1. Cultivating Your Child’s Natural Curiosity

    Cultivating Your Child’s Natural Curiosity When They Aren’t At School

    As a parent, it’s likely that you have become very familiar with the endless string of questioning that comes from children as soon as they are able to put sentences together. While it can be quite annoying from time to time, this endless stream of questions is an expression of innate curiosity and wonder about the world that they are so new to. Plain and simple, children are curious at their ve…Read More

  2. Prevent Your Child From Getting Sick this Flu Season

    Flu season has already taken the country by storm and it is very worrisome for parents everywhere, to say the least. While we know it is your goal to keep your child healthy all year long, this time of year tends to be particularly threatening. With that being said, if there are ways to protect your child from this awful illness, you’d want to know what they are. Below you can discover how to st…Read More

  3. Simple Tips to Help Your Child Do Better in School

    Now that your child has been in school for a few months, you likely have a good idea as to whether or not your child is doing well. Many children have issues that span across several subjects when they first begin going to school because they simply are not used to the structure and more in the classroom. If you notice that this is the case for your child, know that there is a way for you to help.…Read More

  4. Public vs. Private: Where Should You Enroll Your Child?

    As a parent, you are always thinking about what is best for your child. When your little one is old enough to begin preschool or kindergarten, it’s often extremely difficult to figure out how you can ensure their success. One of the major decisions that come at this time is whether private or public school will be the best choice for your child. As a Top Rated Local® private school in Houston, …Read More

  5. 5 Things You Should Know About Readying Your Child For Kindergarten

    When you child is ready to enter kindergarten, it is likely a very unnerving time of your life. After all, you are used to having your little one at home and it’s hard to admit that they are growing up so rapidly. This may make it tempting to not send them to kindergarten when it seems like the right time. Plenty of parents hold their child back a year due to lack of readiness, right? While this…Read More

  6. Here’s How You Know When Your Child Is Ready For Kindergarten

    These days, there is a lot of pressure on parents when it comes to choosing the right time for their child to start kindergarten. This can be chalked up to the number of parents who are “redshirting” - the practice of purposefully holding back their child in order to help them to better succeed in their future schooling. This choice is leading to many parents wondering when they really should …Read More

  7. Technology and Your Kid

    These days, it is not uncommon to see children of all ages with their noses not stuck in a book, but in an electronic device. There used to be a time when children spent their free time outside, being active, however, this is no longer the case. In fact, the average child is spending up to 8 hours on an electronic device everyday. Unfortunately, this constant technological stimulation is having a …Read More

  8. The 4 Learning Types & Which One Your Child Is

    Even though you are now a parent, we know you remember well what being a kid in school was like. Cramming for tests, reading multiple books at the same time and of course, struggling in subjects that were not exactly easy for you to understand. What you may not have known back then, however, is how your personal learning style was contributing to your ability to perform in certain subjects and in …Read More

  9. Selecting the Right Private School For Your Child

    We have given you plenty of reasons you should enroll your child in private school, but selecting the right private school can be a struggle. There are many things you have to take into account when you are trying to distinguish between the many different benefits that the schools in your area offer. We want to help! Below you can find a few helpful tips that can assist you in choosing a private s…Read More

  10. Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child in Private School

    When your child is getting to the age when they need to start their formal education then you may be taking many different types of schools into consideration. Before you spend a ton of time and energy looking into your many options, however, we would like to throw our opinion into the mix. If you want your child to receive the very best in formal education then your choice is simple: enroll your …Read More