1. A School Environment Can Greatly Benefit Your Child’s Language Skills

    If you are a parent, you know by now the sheer amount of work that goes into making sure your child has all of his/her needs met on a daily basis. While you are likely doing a phenomenal job providing for their basic needs, you may not realize that children have cognitive needs as well that can cause them to become more intelligent, well-rounded people. Promoting the use of verbal communication is…Read More

  2. Your Child’s Growth & Motor Skills

    In order to ensure that your child is staying on track where their growth and motor skills are concerned, you have to uncover what is typical of children in their same age group. First Class Child Development’s staff is more than knowledge on the gross motor development stages and therefore will be able to tell if your child is leaps and bounds ahead of their peers or if perhaps they need a litt…Read More

  3. Brain Development in Infants & Toddlers – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we informed you of the different ways a child’s brain develops over their first three years of life. As we mentioned in that post, this information is vital because it has been proven that environment can have a major effect on these stages of development. While the majority of people would assume this means that children who are subjected to traumatic experiences or non n…Read More

  4. Make Sure Your Preschooler Is Getting Enough Rest

    At First Class Child Development, we can do everything in our power to ensure that your child is going to learn, and we do. However, when a child comes to their preschool only having gotten a few hours of sleep, it is nearly impossible for them to retain information. Lack of sleep, especially in young children can lead to moodiness, memory challenges and behavioral issues. At the age your preschoo…Read More

  5. Don’t Let Your Child Suffer Because of Technology

    These days, it is impossible to go anywhere with spotting someone, if not the majority of people using an electronic gadget of some sort. Because technology has become such an integral part of society today, it is no wonder that children are spending more time being “plugged-in” than they ever have before. Unfortunately, this is taking a toll of children in multiple ways. The increased usage …Read More

  6. Questions To Ask A Potential Nursery

    When choosing a nursery for your child there are plenty of things to take into consideration. You want your child to spend their days in a safe environment where they are sure to be taken care of by responsible and reliable people. When visiting potential nurseries there are several questions you should ask in order to understand what a specific nursery truly has to offer. Below you can find out w…Read More