Even though you are now a parent, we know you remember well what being a kid in school was like. Cramming for tests, reading multiple books at the same time and of course, struggling in subjects that were not exactly easy for you to understand. What you may not have known back then, however, is how your personal learning style was contributing to your ability to perform in certain subjects and in the classroom in general. In order to best help your child succeed when they begin their journey of becoming a well educated person, we think it is important to know how your child learns as there are 4 very different learning styles that can make or break your child’s ability to be successful in a school setting. Learn about each style below:

  1. Visual Learningdreamstime_xxl_40195353
    Visual learners can see new information and form ideas based off of it. Most often these kinds of learners benefit from educational materials like charts and graphics as they can recall these images when trying to remember things they have learned.
  2. Auditory Learning
    Rather than digesting information by reading it or seeing it in a chart or graph, auditory learners gain the most when they are listening to information and taking it in that way. This method works especially well if these learners are able to repeat information back to the person it is coming from to validate that what they have understood is correct.
  3. Reading/Writing Learning
    Text is a very effective teacher for people who are reading and writing learners. Often those who learn best from reading and writing do a phenomenal job on written tests but struggle with things like oral exams and giving presentations.
  4. Kinesthetic Learning
    Kinesthetic learners gather knowledge by doing hands on experimentation. Often role playing is a very effective strategy for this type of learner, as is allowing them to move about the room as the ingest new information.

First Class Child Development will work with your child to ensure that they are being taught in a way that is conducive to their learning style. To learn more about our preschool or private school, contact us today!