dreamstime_xxl_30381355At First Class Child Development Center, we can teach your child their alphabet, simple math, and loads of other educational basics and beyond. However, there are some things they cannot solely be taught to a child in the hours of the day they spend at the preschool or private school. One of these things is teaching your child how to be confident in themselves. This may not seem as though it is as important as lessons about how many sides each shape has, but it truly is. Your child’s ability to believe in themselves is one of the very best ways you can ensure that they will be successful in school. If they have the internal belief that they are capable of tackling any task or lesson, they are likely to excel as compared to a child that has not been taught that are a able to succeed despite what obstacles stand in their way. Below you can find just a few ways you can help to reinforce to your child that they are smart, strong and capable of anything they put their mind to:

  • Establishing a routine with your child will make them feel secure and confident that they are in control of their own world. Changes in routine will likely jolt your child, however, so try to stick as closely as possible to your original plan.
  • Letting your child play with others will expose them to different personalities of other children as well as give them the opportunity to find their place in a group of children whether they be a leader or not.
  • Encouraging your child to problem solve is very beneficial to developing confidence. If a child is capable of coming up with a solution to their own problem, regardless if it be big or small, they are likely to begin to see their self worth.

Guide and support your child so that they can become the very best person possible. The staff at First Class Child Development will do their best to foster self worth and confidence in your child, but the first step starts in your home.