Flu season has already taken the country by storm and it is very worrisome for parents everywhere, to say the least. While we know it is your goal to keep your child healthy all year long, this time of year tends to be particularly threatening. With that being said, if there are ways to protect your child from this awful illness, you’d want to know what they are. Below you can discover how to stop the spreading of germs this flu season so that your kiddo can remain happy and healthy.

Tips About Hand Washing

Teaching your child to wash their hands from an early age is incredibly important if you want them to remain healthy. Make sure that when you are helping to turn this action into a habit that you are teaching your child to wash their hands using both soap and water, and that they are washing for 20 to 30 seconds each time.

Be sure to reinforce that each hand should be scrubbed entirely, including underneath the fingernails. If you need ways to make hand washing fun for your kid, try telling them to sing the happy birthday song twice before they rinse off the soap. Make sure your child also knows when it’s important to wash their hands like after blowing their nose, when they come inside after playing outdoors, or after they use the restroom.

Teaching Your Child Healthy Habits

There are other things you can teach your child to ensure that they are not picking up and spreading germs. For instance, be sure to teach your kid that they should always cover their mouth with the crook of their elbow or a tissue when they cough or sneeze. You may also want to consider wiping down surfaces that are prone to storing germs for several days at a time. These are things like the door handles and remotes in your home.

The Importance of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is also a very important part of remaining healthy during flu season. For a child from five to 10 years old, an average night’s sleep is somewhere between 10 and 11 hours. For those under five, even more rest may be required. When your child gets the recommended amount of sleep, their immune system is boosted, which can help to fight off the flu virus is they are to come into contact with it.

If Your Child Does Get Sick

If your child does somehow become ill, be sure to make the kitchen off limits to them until they are well again. The kitchen is one of the most germ-filled rooms in the whole house and allowing your kiddo to occupy it while they are sick just leave the rest of the family at a greater risk of contracting the illness as well.

Additionally, make sure that you are washing all of the laundry in hot water for the duration of your child’s sickness. This will also ensure that the germs will not spread in the home and in their classroom once they return to school after getting well.

Keeping Illness Out Of Preschools

With all that said, we have to reiterate how important it is to keep your child out of school when they are sick. We understand this is often an inconvenience for the parents of the children who attend our school. On the other hand, if your child is not well enough or is too tired for learning to take place, what is the point of sending him or her to school anyway? Not only would you be putting the other children at the school at risk, but you will also be slowing down your own child’s healing process. Be safe and smart and keep your child healthy this flu season!

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