The last three to four years, it’s just been you and your child. You have done all you can to ensure that you have raised a kind, compassionate, curious and respectful kid. However, soon your kiddo will be heading to preschool, which means you won’t be able to observe him/her throughout the day to ensure they are still becoming who you want them to be. When your child is enrolled at First Class Child Development, however, we will do everything we can to ensure that your kid’s physical and emotional needs are met. Not only that but we will also make sure that you feel entirely comfortable with what your child is learning and how they are being taught. We do this by taking into account the seven domains of early childhood development. Unaware of what these domains are? Continue reading below to learn more.

Gross Motor

This is one of the most basic of the domains that your child is already learning. In the simplest terms, this is when your child learns how to use the big muscle groups in their body. While your kiddo is already past crawling and have moved on to walking, there are always more gross motor skills to be learned. Participating in active games and playing sports are just a couple of ways these skills can be obtained while your little one is attending preschool.

Fine Motor

While hand-eye coordination comes far more naturally to some, this is not true of all. Children have to learn how to control their muscle movement in their hands in order to obtain hand-eye coordination and more. There are specific ways we do this in the classroom such as having your child use scissors, color, play with Legos, draw pictures and more. These skills can turn into more advanced ones later on like when your child decides he/she wants to knit or play the guitar.


While we are sure you have been working with your child so that he/she knows how to recognize the letters of the alphabet or even read shorter words, this is one domain that takes a while to perfect as even into adulthood, this domain can be improved. We like to read to the children and also speak to them as often as possible so that they can learn to communicate their wants, needs, opinions and more.


The cognitive domain is the one that children develop in order to understand cause and effect. This sort of skill will also aid in early math skills such as counting and recognizing patterns. We will work to help your child to understand what sort of things occur because of their actions in order to more fully develop this domain.


In order to be successful in the long run, children have to socialize. Not only does spending time with other children teach them important skills like how to share, but it also gives them the chances to develop good manners and overall behavior.

Self Help/Adaptive

One of the best things about enrolling your child in a preschool is that they can begin to rely on themselves a bit. While they have been relying on you, the parent, since the moment they were born, they are now spending an extended amount of time away from you, meaning they have to rely on themselves and only themselves. One of the most important ways children learn to help themselves is when they begin to go through potty-training, something we advocate for largely at our preschool.


While we truly believe that self respect and love is behavior that is learned from the parents, children tend to learn a lot about themselves by being exposed to the personalities and habits of others, like those in their class. Additionally, positive influences like the instructors at our preschool can help your little one to get a better grasp on the difference between what is right and wrong, as well as learning to accept those who are different from them.

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