1. Early Education Will Develop STEM Skills

    Preschool is meant to prepare your child for entering kindergarten and kindergarten is designed to prepare you child for grade school. Following this model, every year of schooling should prepare your little one a tiny bit more for what is ahead of them. At our preschool at First Class Child Development, we do all we can to not only improve your child’s early learning skills while they are in th…Read More

  2. Will Your Almost-Kindergartner Be Ready To Read?

    Plain and simple, kindergarten is nothing like it used to be. Whereas a few decades ago, kindergarten was mostly nap times and juice boxes, today the education of children starts as early as, and often before preschool. While children are not necessarily expected to know how to read and write when they show up for their first day of school, there are some skills that you can prepare your child wit…Read More

  3. Should Your Preschooler Be Learning A Second Language?

    At First Class Child Development, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the children at our facility with the very best education possible. This means knowing what the very best methods for teaching our students are. One of the most popular topics of conversation in the educational realm over the last decade or so, revolves around when children should start being introduced to a second langu…Read More

  4. Biting and Other Undesirable Behavior From Your Toddler

    Toddlers are not always the easiest to deal with. After all, they are just becoming conscious of the decisions they are making and do not really know what adult rules and expectations for appropriate behavior are. With very little impulse control, this can lead to your toddler acting out in various ways such as hitting, biting, or refusal to do what you are asking of them. This can be extremely fr…Read More

  5. A School Environment Can Greatly Benefit Your Child’s Language Skills

    If you are a parent, you know by now the sheer amount of work that goes into making sure your child has all of his/her needs met on a daily basis. While you are likely doing a phenomenal job providing for their basic needs, you may not realize that children have cognitive needs as well that can cause them to become more intelligent, well-rounded people. Promoting the use of verbal communication is…Read More

  6. Your Child’s Growth & Motor Skills

    In order to ensure that your child is staying on track where their growth and motor skills are concerned, you have to uncover what is typical of children in their same age group. First Class Child Development’s staff is more than knowledge on the gross motor development stages and therefore will be able to tell if your child is leaps and bounds ahead of their peers or if perhaps they need a litt…Read More

  7. Brain Development in Infants & Toddlers – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we informed you of the different ways a child’s brain develops over their first three years of life. As we mentioned in that post, this information is vital because it has been proven that environment can have a major effect on these stages of development. While the majority of people would assume this means that children who are subjected to traumatic experiences or non n…Read More

  8. Brain Development in Infants & Toddlers – Part 1

    It has been proven time and time again that the environment your child is in during their first few years will greatly affect their brain development. Recently, technology has allowed scientists to better understand how the brain develops from the time the child is conceived until they are around age three or four. This has even further proven that where your child spends their time can greatly af…Read More

  9. Teaching Your Preschooler To Love Math

    As much as we like to tell the kids at First Child Development Center how fun math can be, it seems that the majority of them have already made their mind up about the subject before they ever set foot in our preschool. This has to do with the way math is portrayed to them by you, the parent. In order for a child to be open to the idea of liking math they have to know that they are not wasting the…Read More

  10. Make Sure Your Preschooler Is Getting Enough Rest

    At First Class Child Development, we can do everything in our power to ensure that your child is going to learn, and we do. However, when a child comes to their preschool only having gotten a few hours of sleep, it is nearly impossible for them to retain information. Lack of sleep, especially in young children can lead to moodiness, memory challenges and behavioral issues. At the age your preschoo…Read More