In our last post, we started to discuss the many benefits that come along with having a two-year-old in your home. Sure, we touched a bit on ‘the terrible twos’ and how many parents can find themselves frustrated at the drastic change that occurs in their child between infanthood and becoming a toddler, but we don’t think it’s all bad. We covered the willingness two-year-olds have to love more openly, as well as their likelihood to give an opinion on anything and everything, and there is even more to love than just that. Continue reading below to learn more about what you can look forward to if you have a child who is close to entering this stage in their life.

They’re Great Little Helpers

Two-year-olds are in the habit of thinking they can do absolutely everything on their own. Because they are so self-sufficient, it also happens that toddlers are quite helpful when it comes to simple chores that need to be completed around the house. While we certainly wouldn’t suggest that you ask your two-year-old to mow the lawn, having someone to help you to put away laundry certainly is nice.

They Live in the Moment

One of the main complaints about having a two-year-old around is their short attention spans and how reactive they can be in general. However, once toddlers are done throwing a fit, they are done. They don’t hold grudges or worry about the past. Instead, they simply move on to the next thing that interests them, making them much easier to deal with than adults much of the time.

They Lean Into Their Emotions

Toddlers are the epitome of emotional roller coasters. One more your little one could be kicking and screaming on the floor, and the next they are belly laughing at something your pet did. Being able to emote is something we are capable of as adults but we have worked very hard to be able to control what emotions we show when. For toddlers, it’s all about honest and open emotions and nothing else and that is quite refreshing.

They are Great Students

Whether you are teaching a toddler colors, shapes, or songs, you can be sure that they are enjoying it. Two-year-olds are naturally inquisitive, making them ready and willing to soak up any and all information you can provide them with. Best of all, there are chances for you to be teaching them things everywhere you go together. Whether you are in taking a drive in the car or at your local supermarket, there is a lesson to be found.

They See the Best in Everyone

Even though it isn’t something that we admit openly, as adults we tend to have past experiences that have led us to be a bit jaded or the tiniest bit judgemental. However, when you are dealing with a toddler, you are with someone who has only seen the very best that people have to offer. This innocence and manner of seeing the world with fresh eyes can be extremely refreshing as an adult who is witnessing it.

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