Whether you are a new parent or you have had children before, you have likely been part of plenty of conversations with other parents that revolve around the dread of what is known as ‘the terrible twos’. This period can be quite the shock to moms and dads alike as their cuddling and smiling infant quickly turns into a tantrum-throwing toddler. While this may be the part of this stage of development that most parents focus on, however, at First Class Child Development, we prefer to focus on all of the wonderful things that are happening with your kiddo when they reach that two-year mark. In this post, we are going to tell you some of the best things we see in the two-year-olds who attend our facility and hopefully aid you in appreciating some of the less-desirable actions of your little one over the next year.

They are Becoming Individuals

It is at this stage in their development that your child will go from being a baby to being someone who has their own thoughts, opinions, and will.  This is often why two-year-olds are so difficult to deal with as children at this age are curious about how to world works and what their role is in it. They are able to express their preferences and them now they the verbal skills to do so adamantly. While it can be frustrating, we enjoy seeing what each child enjoys and what they do not. It’s quite fun to see what kind of person a kid is becoming along the way.

They are Learning to Love

When you are caring for an infant, you have to cater to him or her every second of the day and night. Once your child reaches age 2, however, they will begin to want to care for you back because they love you. Whether it’s trying to help you out with chores around the house or simply just asking you how your day was, your toddler will begin to show your love in the same sorts of ways you have always shown them.

They Like to Express Themselves

If you have always been curious whether your toddler really likes green beans or not, chances are you will find out pretty soon. At this age, your child is capable of vocalizing their opinions and trust us, they absolutely will. Being able to get some insight into what your kid is thinking and feeling is a welcomed change after having to guess throughout their first couple years of life when they could not openly communicate with you.

They Think Outside the Box

Marking up the walls with crayons or picking all of the tulips out of the neighbor’s yard because they are pretty may not seem like the sort of groundbreaking acts that will elate a parent, but the truth is, two-year-olds are quite uninhibited and that is endearing. They have raw creativity that they will harness in all they do and will approach all activities with an unmatched passion.

They are Adventurous

Toddlers are quite fearless to the dismay of their parents. Whether your little one loves to climb up and all over everything or takes off running full speed down the steep incline of your driveway, this year of development is likely to leave your nerves a bit frayed. While it might be difficult, you need to remember not to smother your child. They need to have a bit of space to make mistakes and learn from them in order to realize their limitations and strengths.

There is Plenty More To Love

Plain and simple, there is so much to love about two-year-olds that we have split this post into two separate parts. Check back soon for the second part of the series and learn even more about why you should enjoy this period of time in your child’s life.

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