Toddlers are not always the easiest to deal with. After all, they are just becoming conscious of the decisions they are making and do not really know what adult rules and expectations for appropriate behavior are. With very little impulse control, this can lead to your toddler acting out in various ways such as hitting, biting, or refusal to do what you are asking of them.dreamstime_6003034

This can be extremely frustrating as a parent. Because you love your child more than anything, seeing them act out and purposefully disobey you can be infuriating. Many parents react by yelling and scolding their child while others will simply ignore the behavior. Neither of these methods, however, are truly going to do anything to correct the behavior.

How To Respond

In order to respond in the most helpful way, you as the parent have to take the high road and begin viewing your child’s behavior as a cry for help. This behavior is not just because your kid wants to act up, instead they are trying to communicate to you that they are in need. This perspective will not only give you perspective, but it will also give you patience. The next step is to respond in a way that communicates that you understand why they are upset but that the behavior is not appropriate and will not be tolerated, all while remaining calm.

Ensuring a Good Outcome

By doing this you can ensure that you are being the mature adult in the relationship while also not being a doormat for your child to treat however they see fit. Setting boundaries is extremely important when dealing with toddlers and once they are set, you will likely find your child acting out less and less.

At First Class Child Development, we have plenty of experience dealing with toddlers in their combative stage. Luckily, we are well aware of how to handle these situations and improve your child’s disposition simultaneously. Call us today to learn more about our daycare or preschool as well as to enroll your child in Houston’s best childcare facility!