1. Crafts to Help Your Child’s Development Part 2

    In our previous blog post, Crafts to Help Your Child’s Development Part 1, we gave some examples of crafts that you can do with your child to encourage their development. In this blog, we are going to go through the steps of a few more crafts that you and your children will have a blast making.  Crafts encourage children to share supplies, help with parent-child bonding, improve their motor ski…Read More

  2. Crafts to Help Your Child’s Development Part 1

    Activities like crafts are a fantastic way to help your child’s development while having fun. Your child will be entertained and engaged while developing their motor skills and learning how to follow directions. Crafts can help with parent-child bonding and teach them how to work with others. There are so many benefits to doing crafts with your kids without even considering the most obvious fact…Read More

  3. How Early Should You Start Looking for a Preschool?

    If you’re a new parent, there’s a good chance that you’re already starting to think about where your child will eventually go to preschool. To outsiders, this might seem crazy, but the truth is that it’s important now more than ever to find a school early to ensure that your child gets a spot.  At First Class Child Development Center in Houston, we strive to offer the best possible experi…Read More

  4. What Should You Look For in a Preschool?

    Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that your baby was born? It’s funny how fast time seems to fly, but now here you are, trying to decide which preschool is right for your child. The good news is that the team at First Class Child Development is here to help you make the right choice! We’ve been serving our community in Houston and the surrounding area for over two decades and there’s nothing …Read More

  5. 3 Ways to Keep the Kiddos Entertained Over the Holidays

    When it comes to early childhood education, it’s true that the moments when your children aren’t in school that are equally as important as those when they are. At First Class Child Development, we proudly serve families in Houston and the surrounding area. With preschool and kindergarten classes specifically designed to serve your children, there’s nothing we love more than getting parents …Read More

  6. What to Expect From Our Preschool Child Development Program

    When it comes to a good preschool education, look no further than First Class Child Development to provide your kids with all of the tools they need to succeed. Open for children ages 3-5, our program is specifically designed to keep your kids learning all throughout the day in the way that makes the most sense for kids this age. After all, your children are turning into their own little people wi…Read More

  7. Benefits of Your Child Attending an Early Childhood Center

    Early childhood centers are designed to provide your child with all of the tools that they need to progress throughout their life — we focus on building their foundation. Though this has always been the case, there are still individuals that are hesitant to enroll their child in a childcare center. Today, we are going to touch on a just a few of the ways that enrolling your child in an early chi…Read More

  8. 5 Tips for Adjusting Your Child’s Sleep Schedule As School Starts Again

    It is not uncommon that a family’s sleep schedules will change when the kids are out of school each summer. Since their kiddos don’t have to get up super early, parents tend to get a little more lenient regarding what their child’s proper bedtime is. While this is fine when your kid doesn’t have to head to the classroom each morning, these changes in sleeping schedules can have a lasting i…Read More

  9. The Not-So-Terrible Twos – Reasons this Age is Great – Pt. 2

    In our last post, we started to discuss the many benefits that come along with having a two-year-old in your home. Sure, we touched a bit on ‘the terrible twos’ and how many parents can find themselves frustrated at the drastic change that occurs in their child between infanthood and becoming a toddler, but we don’t think it’s all bad. We covered the willingness two-year-olds have to love …Read More

  10. The Not-So-Terrible Twos – Reasons this Age is Great – Pt. 1

    Whether you are a new parent or you have had children before, you have likely been part of plenty of conversations with other parents that revolve around the dread of what is known as ‘the terrible twos’. This period can be quite the shock to moms and dads alike as their cuddling and smiling infant quickly turns into a tantrum-throwing toddler. While this may be the part of this stage of devel…Read More